What will I need for my first session?

You will be guided through the process of preparing for your project so there is no need to have everything planned in the first few weeks. However, a few thoughts along the following lines will ensure a positive start:

Research that works well usually has quite defined questions that need to be answered. In answering your questions you will probably accomplish at least two important aims: you will understand the problem with greater clarity and, in dealing with this, find practical and workable answers to the questions you pose. This, in turn, allows you to construct an argument in your writing that will have a focus and a purpose, based on getting to the heart of your question. Since this is small-scale research, i.e. based in your school and around the experiences of your pupils, your colleagues and you, finding answers to these questions is of benefit to everyone involved in teaching and learning.

You will find the booklet entitled 'Teachers as Researchers' helpful which can be downloaded below.