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Antonia Clews

Antonia is currently an Educational Researcher and Developer within the higher education arts sector, with five years research experience in a range of subjects, including employability and student perception within arts education and the relationship between teaching and creative practice.

Antonia works as a core team member of Artswork, the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the Creative Industries (CETL) and the Centre for Learning and Teaching Development, at Bath Spa University. She devised and manages two major research projects, working with teachers, practitioners and students within the institution, and beyond. Longitudinal quantitative research “Learning in the Arts”, surveyed over 2,500 Bath Spa Universty arts students from 2006-2009, to inform curriculum development. “10by10”; is an externally funded national enquiry, using participatory and visual techniques, into the experience of creative teacher-practitioners, to inform and develop policy on industry-HE relations. Antonia continues to develop this area of research.

Workshops and Events


'Loci', 10by10 Project, University of Winchester.

'Index', 10by10 Project, Royal Festival Hall, London

'Space', 10by10 Project, University of the Arts, London

'Arrival', 10by10 Project, Arnolfini, Bristol

'Pause' , 10by10 Project, Sheffield Institute of Arts

'Embody', 10by10 Project, Phoenix, Brighton


International Society of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 'Connecting Scholarship and Practice: Chair Drawing', Edmonton, Canada

ADM HEA Teaching Creative Practice, 'Drawing-Out: the Teacher-Practitioner', Liverpool

SEDA Spring Conference 'Engaging with Student Expectations', 'Data for Development', London

School of Arts Away Day, 'Learning in the Arts', Roehampton University

The Teacher-Practitioner 'Preparation for Discovery’ - Design of staff development event for 30+ internal/external teachers, Bath Spa University.


'The Entrepreneurial Educator', DeMontfort University

Presentations at Conferences:


International Visual Research Methods, ‘The Researcher-Facilitator’, University of Leeds.

'From Practice as Research to Practising for Learning'. 'The teacher-practitioner; unproblematic or un-problematised?', University of Winchester


International Society of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 'Learning in the Arts', Edmonton Canada.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. ‘The Teaching-Practice Nexus', London

Creative Enterprise. 'Learning in the Arts', Birmingham City University

ADM HEA Network Day, ‘The Freelance Faculty', Swansea Metropolitan University

European League of the Institute of the Arts Teacher's Academy, 'The Entrepreneurial Educator', University of Brighton


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