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Research Excellence Framework (REF2014)


These web pages set out the University's approach and procedures for the management of its submission to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) . A summary of the timetable and process can be found here, with more detailed information on different aspects of the University's management of REF2014 set out in the pages listed in the Quick Links panel to your left.

The University's Code of Practice on the selection of staff for the REF can be found here.

Background to REF2014

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions (HEIs). It will replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and will be completed in 2014. The REF will be undertaken by the four UK higher education funding bodies. The exercise will be managed by the REF team based at HEFCE and overseen by the REF Steering Group, consisting of representatives of the four funding bodies.

HEFCE related documents for REF2014 can be accessed here, or via the external links page (see side panel) which includes direct links to the REF2014 "Assessment framework and guidance on submissions", and REF2014 "Panel criteria and working methods" documents.

Preparation for the University's REF2014 Submission

Management of the University's submission to REF2014 will be overseen by the Research, Consultancy and Scholarship Committee (RCSC). The process for the selection of staff for inclusion in REF2014 is set out in the University's Code of Practice, which has been developed through a consultative process and was approved by HEFCE on 3 July 2012. Background relating to the development and the implementation of the Code of Practice can be found within these REF2014 web pages, including supporting papers and minutes of the relevant committees and groups involved in the process.

BSU REF2014 Committee Structure


REF Steering Group (RSG)

The RSG takes responsibility for the overall conduct and management of the REF2014 submission at Bath Spa University, and institutional adherence to the Code of Practice, under the responsibility of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Provost. The role of the group will be to monitor, evaluate and review the selection procedures and practices of the school level groups, to include their feedback and the appeals processes. The group reports to and takes advice from the University's RCSC in formulating matters of institutional strategy and when scrutinising draft submissions from UoAs for final approval.

Code of Practice Sub-Group

The Code of Practice sub-group has been set up by RSG to develop, document and apply a Code of Practice on the fair and transparent selection of staff for REF2014 submission, to meet the requirements of REF2014 guidelines. Specifically:

Individual Staff Circumstances Disclosure (ISCD)

The ISCD Panel  has been set up by RCSC to review all individual staff circumstances disclosure submissions, and to make recommendations to Heads of School on the appropriate number of reductions in submitted outputs for individual members of staff. All paperwork and discussions will be confidential to the panel. Decisions will be based on HEFCE guidance, and members of the panel will be fully trained on equality and diversity issues in relation to REF2014. Links to the disclosure policy, process and on-line form can be found here as well as links to the Equality Challenge Unit case study guidance on complex circumstances.

Here is the direct link to the Liquid Office ISCD form:

Subject Selection Groups

Subject Selection Groups have responsibility for considering submissions for inclusion in the University's REF2014 overall submission in accordance with the University's criteria and process for the selection of staff for REF2014. The following Subject Selection Groups have been approved by RCSC:

Membership, terms of reference and non-confidential documentation relating to their decision-making processes can be found here.

REF 2014 Administrator's Group (RAG)

An ad-hoc group for administrators supporting the REF2104 process at the University has also been set up (RAG). A link to the RAG page can be found on the navigation bar to the left.