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These pages include a welcome letter for new staff from the Vice-Chancellor and the University's Induction Booklet. Staff are invited to attend a half day University Induction and if you are a new member of staff and have not been advised of a date please speak to either your line manager or HR.

BSU believes that creating the right impression from the start helps with staff motivation and retention. It also allows the member of staff settle more quickly into their role and the University.

Responsibility for induction lies with the Line Manager but is supported by the HR Department within a well-defined and documented framework. An employee's induction date is initially confirmed when HR send joining details. If the date is later found to be unsuitable the employee or Line Manager should ask for an alternative date from HR. The Line Manager will also be sent Probation details for the member of staff, setting out the processes and procedures to be followed and documentation to be complete.

The Line Manager will also need to provide a departmental Induction for the employee, items within this process are below and include a Buddy should be appointed for the Inductee to guide and support her/him during the initial months of employment. The Buddy must be willing to take on this role and ideally not the Line Manager, but someone that the Inductee can go to for general cultural and University procedural advice. Training will be provided to assist Line Managers to carry out Induction and Probation Procedures effectively.

HR will discuss with the Inductee the contract of employment, terms and conditions of service, University policies relating to staff and will provide training in health and safety and equality and off the job training as identified and within available budgets. The HR Section will provide and monitor all documentation necessary for the induction and probation programmes. HR will also advise the Trade Unions of all new starters.

Copies of all documents relating to Induction and Probation within the University are available from the HR Admin Office.

The key responsibilities for induction are set out below:

1. Line Manager's Responsibilities

  1. Introduction to key colleagues within the section and in the University.
  2. Induction into the duties and responsibilities of the post. This should be based on the job description and extend over the whole of the probationary period.
  3. Training in the use of equipment, phones etc and on systems and procedures in use on the job.
  4. Arranging with HR any off the job training requirements that arise during this period of induction.
  5. Conduct probationary progress meetings in accordance with the University’s Probation Procedures (attached). The Line Manager must send written confirmation of the discussion at each meeting to the Inductee with a copy to HR.
  6. Nominate a Buddy who will willingly assist the Inductee to settle in.
  7. Fully complete with the Inductee the Induction and Probation checklist and return to HR.
  8. Inform HR if the Inductee’s probation has been extended or unsuccessful.

For a suggested programme, see the new starter checklist (.doc)

(NB None of these responsibilities may be delegated by the Line Manager).

2. Buddy's Responsibilities

  1. The Buddy must willingly agree to act as Buddy to the inductee.
  2. Help introduce the Inductee to all colleagues in the section and other colleagues as the opportunity or necessity arises.
  3. Show the Inductee local facilities (for example kitchen, toilets, post collection/dispatch points).
  4. Advise the Inductee on general how to processes such as how to obtain stationery.
  5. Show the Inductee the main campus facilities (Post Room, Library, Print Room, Shops, Canteen/ Refectory, Staff Room, etc).
  6. Undertake other induction processes as requested by the Line Manager (but this must not include responsibilities 1.1 to 1.8 listed above).

3. HR Responsibilities

  1. Set up and invite the Inductee to University Induction.
  2. Advise Line Managers and staff on Probationary process.
  3. Advise on and assist with coordination of off the job training as appropriate.
  4. Inform Line Managers of any issues arising from references and send confirmation of probation letters to Line Managers in order to confirm in post.
  5. Advise the Trade Unions of new appointees.
  6. Arrange training for Line Managers to help them carry out Induction and Probation procedures effectively, as required.