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Severe Weather

Unless notified otherwise, there is an obligation for staff to make every effort to reach work in severe weather and inability to do so should be reported by telephone to your line manager, or School Office, whichever is appropriate.

If it is necessary to close the University because of severe weather, an all staff email will be sent out. An announcement will also be put on the front page of the main BSU website; and a recorded message will be made available on the central telephone number 01225 875875 by 7 am.

In these circumstances, if you are concerned that the University may be closed, you are advised to wait at home until this message has been posted. If the University is closed, under normal circumstances staff will be paid.

If staff are unable to attend when the University is open, line managers should determine, following a discussion with their staff, if staff can work from home, take flexi, annual leave or be unpaid.

Should you have any queries please contact your HR Advisor.

Last updated 17 January 2013