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Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department's responsibilities relate primarily to promoting the University to potential students, influencers and stakeholders.


The Department produces a range of publications including the main undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses, course leaflets and posters, and booklets such as 'Introducing Bath Spa University', 'Accommodation', 'Student Finances', 'Welcome to Newton Park', 'Welcome to Sion Hill' and 'Mature Students Guide'.

Media Relations (Procedures for Dealing with the Media)

Bath Spa encourages positive media coverage in order to enhance its reputation and profile. The Marketing and Communications Department has overall responsibility for media relations, and is able to offer advice and guidance to staff on maintaining open and constructive relations with the media. The Marketing and Communications Department is normally the first point of contact in communications with the media.

In dealing with the media, staff should note the following:

Urgent enquiries out of office hours may be directed to the Head of Marketing and Communications on 07779 282459 or the Communications Manager on 07791 148877.

Please Note

When speaking to the media please remember to specify your role at Bath Spa University.  Including name checks will help recognise and enhance BSU’s reputation for academic excellence and thought leadership.

The same considerations apply to all situations where you are engaged in relevant public-facing work outside the University. For example, please always include reference to the University in speaker/contributor biographies at external conferences.

Internal Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department compiles the monthly SPACE newsletter and weekly BSU This Week email bulletins.

To discuss contributions to the newsletter and email bulletin please contact Communications Manager Jane Wakefield (, ext 6106) or Communications Coordinator Rob Breckon (, ext 5730).


Marketing and Communications staff support the development of the main external website into an effective marketing tool and communication resource for a range of external audiences, including potential students from the UK and abroad.

Education Liaison

The Department attends, or arranges attendance at, an extensive programme of higher education conventions and school/college recruitment fairs. In addition, a series of school/college talks on topics ranging from student life to filling in UCAS forms is arranged each year.

Open Days and Events

Opportunities for potential students to visit the University are arranged by Marketing and Communications. These include the Open Days for both campuses (June, September and October), regular Visit Afternoons at Newton Park, and a series of Campus Visit Days between February and April for applicants who have received offers of a place to study here.

Advertising and Promotion

Each year the Department arranges a schedule of advertising and promotion for undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment.

Visual Identity

The Department is responsible for ensuring adherence to the University visual identity guidelines, and provides advice and guidance on this to staff.

If you would like you use the BSU logo on your website or publication, you must apply for permission to do so. Applications can be made in writing to the postal address in the boxout.