Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances is the method through which any student can formally tell the University that you are experiencing problems outside of your control that are affecting your studies.

Mitigating circumstances are unforeseen, unpreventable circumstances such as an illness affecting you, a serious illness affecting a close family member, unanticipated or unavoidable events or bereavement that significantly disrupts your academic performance.

Independent documentary evidence, such as medical certificates or supporting letters from your GP, must be provided in all cases to verify mitigating circumstances.

How to report mitigating circumstances, how cases are considered and what action might be taken should your circumstances be accepted can be found in sections 6.10 to 6.12 of the Undergraduate Modular Scheme: Guide for Students, which can be found at this link.

There is an official form for submitting a mitigating circumstances claim and you can download it from this link.

If you have any questions about the mitigating circumstances process please contact Student Services at

Please do make sure you let the University know if you are experiencing any difficulties and if you would like to discuss in confidence any support needs contact Student Support at